What You Need to Know About Card Counting?

Card counting has been a popular trend especially with the land-based casinos. However, with the rise in trend of online casinos like za4online-casino, it provides a different ball game. This breeds the question, is card counting possible in online blackjack? Card counting is part of a casino game strategy when you view the dealers hand. Despite being totally legal, most of the casinos prohibit the art of card counting since leads to the house losing. However, with online blackjack the dealer is an interface on the other side. After each round, the cards are shuffled and a new deck is used. Therefore, it makes it impossible for a player to count cards from the dealer.

Is Card Counting Possible with Online Blackjack?

For a simpler and direct answer, card counting in online blackjack at https://www.bigsandymt.org/ is impossible. The card counting strategy is completely useless with online blackjack. Another common term used closely with card counting relates to deck penetration. This touches closely on the percentage of the card which has been dealt with at a given time. For example, in case the dealer has a 6-deck game, it means they have a 50% deck penetration. The deeper the dealing with the set of cards, the higher the penetration rate. The lesser the cards on the table, the easier it becomes to count or make a prediction of what the next card might be. This is impossible for online decks, which are reshuffled after each hand.

  • Cards are reshuffled with each hand making it impossible to count the prediction of the next card
  • You cannot view the live dealers that handling cards hence making it impossible

The case is different with live blackjack. This is because the cards are shuffled after each hand while the dealer is handed instructions for shuffling the cards at close to 50% deck penetration. The strategy minimizes the chances of anyone making use of the card counting strategy. With the numbers of cards available at the table, it is higher before the 50% penetration for making predictions with the next card. This makes it extra impossible to count the cards with the online casinos. The house makes it extra challenging to create a pattern with the cards with the constant shuffling of cards after each round. Therefore, you have a low chance of card counting at an online blackjack game.

With the live online blackjack, there is a twist. There is the introduction of the live dealer to deal the cards with the gamblers. Instead of the computerized dealer, players gamble with a real dealer. The dealer with a deck of cards that connect with the online players through a webcam. The live dealer sits with the players at the table while dealing the cards. There are the scanning and display of the cards on the computer screen for the gamblers to play the game as similar when in a land-based casino. The choice of the dealers by the house depends on the level of skills of the dealer. The fact the dealer is present on the screen makes the game more interesting.

How to Win at Online Blackjack Without Relying on Card Counting?

With the high level of difficulty related to winning at online blackjack with card counting, it does not spell doom on your wins. There are still other strategies you can adopt in ensuring you still make a fortune with online blackjack. There are other strategies of winning big at online blackjack. The first answer lies with the amount of bonuses you receive at the online casino. Bonuses provide an alternative way of ensuring that you keep your winnings when playing online blackjack. Other online casinos are more generous than others while offering a higher percentage of bonuses compared to others. You stand a higher chance of gaining an edge of your winnings from the online casino by joining the VIP program available.

Apart from relying on the bonuses, you need to have a solid blackjack strategy of beating the house. Despite having a lot of bonuses, without a strategy, you could end up with many losses throughout the game. The first step in achieving a solid strategy is learning how to manage your bankroll. As a dealer, you need to be equipped with the mandatory skills in dealing cards at the casino. You should also be in a position to when its time to hit, surrender, double, split, or stand. On other occasions, it all relies on basic logic. You can also take a step ahead in ensuring you have a blackjack chart to know each hand during the game.